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  • We are the trusted advisor and counselor to many individuals, businesses and institutions.

  • We are problem solvers with a passion for excellence.

  • We are intellectually curious and highly competitive.

  • We don't look upon individuals based on their title, but their competence and leadership.

  • We uphold the obligation for each member of our firm to question anything that he or she feels is not right for a client.

  • We come from all over, with rich experience and all kinds of backgrounds and areas of expertise.

  • We are a team.

  • When we are hiring we look for individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people.

  • We are committed to supporting the people we hire in reaching their goals.

  • We have a passion for helping the people we work with. This passion to help continues in our alumni, who remain connected and loyal to our firm and its people. Those who join Krumm & Associates join people bound by a shared set of morals, values and a culture of support, caring, trust, respect, and interdependence.

  • We constantly measure new ideas, opportunities, and ways of working against our values. When they fall short our choices are easy; We say "no thank you". When they measure up, our choices are equally easy; We say "yes" and put the full weight of our firm behind them.

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