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AgriPlan & BizPlan

AgriPlan (for farmers / Ranchers) and BizPlan (for small business owners) are Medical Reimbursement Plans permitted via the tax code.  Available to farmers and business owners nationwide, this plan is perfectly suited for sole proprietors, corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. AgriPlan/BizPlan could increase your business tax deductions by more than $9,000, saving your family in excess of $2,000 a year.

This Plan saves substantial tax dollars annually by allowing farmers  businesses to deduct 100 percent of their family health insurance premiums (including Medical, Dental, Optical, Cancer and Long Term Care) and out-of-pocket medical, vision and dental expenses not covered by insurance (deductible, co-pays, prescription drug costs and more). 

To qualify, a business owner must be able to legitimately employ his/her spouse, who becomes an employee in the business. The business owner provides a reasonable wage and files certain IRS forms. And AgriPlan/BizPlan’s administrative services assist with IRS, DOL and ERISA compliance issues while maintaining a custom-designed benefits plan. With AgriPlan/BizPlan in place, the IRS Section 105 rules then allow full deduction of health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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